This past week in journalism, we have been learning about copyright law and how many people have no idea about what it is. I sadly learned that I, was one of those people.

I learned that most of my life, I had been stealing images off of google like everyone else. Now I know to use some of the websites to help me find legal images. 


The reason I picked a picture a pig is because I have always loved pigs. I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh. I rapidly grew fond of Piglet, along with Kanga and Roo.

Every time I see a baby pig, I get so excited! They just seem like they are fun to play with. Also, piglets seem like they would be soft. I believe I have touched and seen one in real life once or twice. I’d love to go see another or maybe even have my own!

Because I love pigs so much, I found a picture of a piglet on Photo Pin. I was trying to find a picture of Piglet off of Winnie the Pooh, but I figured that most of them would be copyrighted by Disney or their affiliates.





“Piglet” by Peteaylward


(CC BY-NC-AS 2.0)

I learned in my journalism class that you should only use legal pictures from approved websites, unless you would want to be in trouble with the law. If you use a picture without permission, you are stealing someone else’s photo. You can’t just pick one off of Google like most people do.


Welcome to Allaboutdevin!

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read this! I hope you will enjoy getting updates and reading my blog. Yes, my teacher is making my class create blogs, but I really think I am going to enjoy it! 🙂


A Little About Me

Here is a little about me…


I am a freshman in high school. I am always nervous when I walk down the halls with upperclassmen, even though I know half of them. I really enjoy school and I love band. I play the saxophone and I am currently sitting fourth chair out of seventh.

Outside of band, I really don’t have a life. I am a normal teenager who loves music, movies, her friends.

I hope you’ll enjoy keeping up with my ideas and my crazy life! Let’s do this thing!